We will show you some tips, 8 in particular on how to choose the best blender for smoothies

Whenever you are making a smoothie, the ingredients that you have chosen (such as fruits and vegetables) are generally mixed with a little kneading or rod (typical hand mixers). However, when you need to liquefy frozen foods or ice, the blender must be capable of crushing ice and enough power to make this work effectively.

My Old Old Blender....


If you fail to choose the best blender with the required performance and the correct power, two things can happen: your smoothies do not go as you expect, or your blender will break within a few days.

There are many types of blenders to make smoothies that we can find in the market. We must ask what is the best blender for our smoothies, and stop and think for just a few minutes what we want in the appliance, what uses will it give you.

Before you decide to buy a blender, it helps to consider the 8 following important factors:

1. Watts Power

The best blender will require a minimum of 350W engine but we strongly recommend exceeding 500W. Perhaps this is the most crucial criterion in the decision to buy a blender. The high power will help to liquefy the smoothie ingredients without your appliance forcing power to do so. You can process and mix harder food quickly and smoothly. For example, you can crush ice and blend frozen fruits, vegetables, frozen drinks ... eliminating the chances of finding pieces of uncrushed ice. A blender that turn the blades at high speed and power will give us the texture we want.

2. Price

If you have money to invest, high end blender can be a great option. A high-end mixer offers some features that will solve many problems. Today spending at least $ 100 can get you a really good blender that can last us many years if we make good use of them. We do not recommend spending more than money in the acquisition of a blender if not going to use it professionally in a restaurant, school, etc ... Obviously, for that type of blenders the cost will be around $500 and more expensive.

3. Pitcher

The jar that comes with a blender is also a crucial aspect to consider. The size of the jar, for example, is a very important factor. How many people at home are you cooking for? There are a lot of family? Or do you just live by yourself? Obviously you will need to buy a blender with a large jug if you have a lot of family members.

Therefore, make sure you buy a blender that offers the ability to make and store shakes according to the size of your family. Typically, jars are usually from 0.6 liter, 1 liter, or 1.5 liters. Note that if you only want to use for your baby, you have a unique model for this purpose.

We have our ideal size, now the question: We bought a plastic jug or glass? Note that the plastic does not break easily when dropped. However it can scratch and is more permissive to bacterial accumulations, stains, odors and deformations. A glass jar will always be heavier and can break easily when you accidentally drop it while we put it in the dishwasher. However, glass is easily cleaned. Choose plastic without doubt, nowadays the jugs materials not scratch easily and are very similar to glass.

4. Design

Although it may seem obvious, there are numerous models of blenders with all the colors and styles that you can imagine, choose one that fits well in your kitchen. And watch the size; it may be that in the closet that you planned to keep it does not fit. So make sure you have enough space available before deciding to purchase a blender in particular.

5. An Easy And Convenient Blender

Make it easy to use is also an important issue. Choose a blender with operating button that allows you to specify the blending power. It would be even better if you can find one with a button that gives the option of crushing ice.

6. Easy To Clean

A mixer should be washed right after making the shakes. Choose a model that allows easy cleaning after use can be a big time saver. Those blenders with many buttons can be difficult to clean if you spill liquid between the buttons. There are options with touch panels that will prevent the accumulation and stains.

7. Stability

Other considerations to take into account are the stability of the apparatus. If your blender has a heavy base and a tight lid when operating at high speed can move and even falling out of marble. Watch for walk their little snooping around the kitchen why they could fall over. Just make sure you look mixers having a wide base of heavy metal to improve its stability.

8. Warranty

Even the best blender will not last a lifetime.But it should be long-lasting enough given that you take good care of it. And it has to be unless you use it so often without proper care. With that said, it's good to make sure you have some years on the manufacturer's guarantee. A good quality blender should give you at least 2 years warranty.

So if you're seriously about to buy a good blender, consider this small article we have written to help you in your choice.

Let us give you some options to buy blender, all at good prices, with good warranties and good manufacturers.

  • Vitamix 1300w TurboBlend 4500 for $397
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen blender 1500w, 5 Years Warranty at the Price of $ 199 is the best option if you ask me.